We supply molds and vibrating table to easily make 60mm thick high strength, interlocking pavers.

Due to the interlocking design pattern, laying these pavers does not need extensive experience. We also supply video instructions of how to prepare and level the terrain to do a paving installation. The 190 hollow block mold consists of two parts:  The actual mold, and the lifting plate.

You can order the 190 block mold in any quantity, in order to increase production per day.

A flat piece of terrain is needed to position the completed blocks, in order to produce a quality product.  The strength of concrete, stated as MPA, is significantly increased when the mold is situated on a vibrating platform while being cast. The reason for this is the vibrating action increases compaction exponentially, by removing air bubbles from the cast.

What is included for R8500?

  • 12-Bricks Interlocking Paving Mold (makes 12 bricks at a time (additional 12-brick mold for R2750)
  • 190 Hollow Block Mold – 2 x parts, mold & lifting plate (additional mold for R3950)
  • 400×400 Steel Vibrating Platform, 220V
  • Aggregate Mixing Recipes
  • Various Instructional Videos
Vibrating Platform